Children's Treatments

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Hypnotherapy and Counselling for children

Unfortunately children and teenagers can have many of the issues us adults have to deal with – work pressure, fears, phobias, and low self-esteem, lack of confidence, anxiety and stress about all sorts of issues including relationships and exams. When they are under pressure and feeling stressed, like adults it can make them withdrawn and affect eating habits and sleep patterns too. Addressing their fears, stress and other unhelpful responses we help them move forward in life building on the new behaviours and attitudes. Doing this at an early age gives them a good basis to approach life with confidence and self-belief.

What ages can treatment start?

I treat children from 6 years old. Younger children are more restless and very easily distracted. By discovering a child’s hobbies, favourite toys, stories and hero’s we can incorporate this into the treatment to help elicit relaxation. Older children usually respond well to general relaxation techniques.

How do you work with them?

I teach them simple self hypnosis techniques which in turn teaches them how to programme their own minds so they can continue to do this long after we have finished the sessions. Therefore they will always have a trusted ‘tool’ to use if new issues arise. Addressing their own internal ‘self-talk’ is also a very important part of their progress.
All children respond extremely well to EFT (see the EFT page on my website for more info) and have often learnt the technique by the end of the first session!
As with adult clients I record the therapeutic part of the session so they have their own personal program to listen to at home which will reinforce the work we have done.


My child is nervous about the treatment, can I stay with them?

Parents are always encouraged to come into the session and leave only when the child feels relaxed and comfortable for them to do so. There is a waiting room available. However, children often respond to treatment better without an ‘audience’ watching them.
So why not give your child the chance to release their fears and build up outstanding confidence before the problem grows even bigger? Freeing them at an early age will prevent long term confidence and self-esteem issues and of course we all want the best for our kids, don’t we ?
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