Fertility & Birthing

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Is trying to get pregnant causing you stress, worry and a fear that it won’t ‘happen’ to you’? Well-meaning advice to stop worrying about it and let it happen is about as useful as telling you to stop breathing. Now you don’t have to struggle alone with this. In recent years a number of studies have demonstrated how hypnosis can benefit fertility:

Dr. Gayle Peterson is a pioneer in the field of mind/body states and their effect on fertility, pregnancy and childbirth. She has developed a technique called Body-Centered Hypnosis in order to release negative emotions, including anxiety and depression and so enable conception to occur. She cites several research studies that suggest a positive link between fertility and treatments based on hypnosis. To read more about these studies please email me your request.

Professor Eliahu Levitas (2004) found that using hypnosis DOUBLED the success rate of IVF. To read more about Professor Levitas’ study please email me.

Dr. Alice Domar also emphasises “mind/body” techniques that include self-hypnotic suggestions to reduce stresses that interfere with conception and healthy pregnancy. Dr Domar is the author of “Conquering Infertility”, and other books on the topic.

The HypnoFertility programme addresses blocks to conception on a number of levels. First and foremost you will be taught how to deal with the stress of fertility issues and any medical procedures you may be undergoing. Secondly I work with you to release any negative emotions which may be preventing conception.

Therapy sessions are individually tailored for each client based on their unique needs. During the initial session I take a history of your medical and social history, design your treatment plan and begin your first hypnosis session. Some of the techniques you will learn – such as self hypnosis and EFT – will stand you in good stead in all areas of your life. Many women use these techniques all through the pregnancy to ensure that they remain stress-free.

The hypnofertility programme will help you:

  • Identify and remove conscious and unconscious blocks which may be preventing conception.
  • Prepare your body physically, mentally and emotionally to concieve.
  • Remain calm, patient, and in control throughout natural or assisted conception.
  • Gain a positive and optimistic outlook, and renew trust in your body’s ability to conceive.
  • Make any lifestyle changes that may be necessary to help couples conceive. This may include weight loss and diet improvement or stopping smoking.

And whatever the outcome you will feel stronger, calmer and in control of your life.

Hypnofertility clients must be prepared to commit to between 4 and 6 sessions in order for meaningful change to take place. Every individual responds differently: some women have concieved after just one session whereas others require many more than 6 sessions.


Newborn sleeping child in the hands of mother

HypnoBirthing gives you the confidence to trust in your body so that the birthing process will be relaxed, painfree and you feel in control at all times giving your baby the chance to have a stress free and more comfortable birth without harmful drugs or chemicals.

HypnoBirthing is as much a philosophy of birth as it is a technique for achieving a satisfying, relaxing, and stress-free method of birthing. I teach you, along with your birthing companion, the art and joy of experiencing birth in a more comfortable manner. You will learn to call upon your body’s own natural anaesthesic mechanisms and thus lessen or eliminate discomfort and the need for medication. When a woman is properly prepared for childbirth and when the mind and body are working in harmony, nature is free to function in the same well-designed manner that it does with all other creatures.


  • Eliminates the Fear-Tension-Pain Syndrome before, during and after birthing.
  • Eliminates or greatly reduces the need for chemical painkillers.
  • Shortens the first stage of labour by several hours.
  • Eliminates fatigue during labour, leaving mother fresh, awake, and with energy for actual birthing.
  • Eliminates risk of hyperventilation from “shallow” breathing methods.
  • Promotes special bonding of mother, baby, and birthing companion.
  • Fosters more rapid postnatal recovery.
  • Returns birthing to the beautiful, peaceful experience nature intended.
  • Creates a more integral role for the birthing companion.

The HypnoBirthing course comprises of 6 sessions that release fears and anxieties, create calmness and teach you powerful hypnotic techniques that will enable you to enjoy a more comfortable and pain free birth. All scripts and CD’s are included in the price.

I am a certifed HypnoFertility and HypnoBirthing Practioner so you can feel confident that you will be receiving the very best treatment to aid conception and pain free birthing.