Hypnotherapy to Help Weight Loss

Posted February 17, 2012 by Karen

At Manchester hypnotherapy weight loss is approached very differently and it has proven to be successful over and over again.

Hypnotherapy Manchester understands that effective dieting is habitual. Bad habits are derived from bad diets. A well-balanced and healthy diet derives from the routine of doing things right, time and time again. Choosing hypnotherapy might be the solution to all your problems.
Hypnotherapy Manchester works by encouraging a sleep- like state where the individual is fully aware of their surroundings. When in this state, identified as hypnosis, their minds are open to recommendations from the hypnotherapist also able to take over uncontrolled feelings, behaviour, and thoughts and this resides in the mind’s subconscious part.

There are two parts that make up the mind, the subconscious and conscious. The decision making side which is the conscious takes control, Manchester hypnotherapy intercepts into the subconscious and it only responds to the way it has previously been programmed. The subconscious is where the habits are shaped and in the instance of weight gain, this is the bad habit.

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Using hypnotherapy Manchester to lose weight

Once in the hypnotic state, Mind Power Hypnotherapy Cheshire’s hypnotherapist, Karen Ashley will begin to give suggestions on how to break the bad habits and form fresh better ones. Often only a few hypnosis sessions are required to break your bad relationship with food for a much more healthy one. This leds to sensible weight loss which is sustained without the need to follow strict diets. Manchester hypnotherapy can help you to feel great about yourself.

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