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2 ways to be more confident

Our mind is very powerful and often tricks us into feeling scared, stupid and worthless when we are faced with lots of different experiences.
Let’s turn our minds power into a positive force to help us become more confident.
Life’s achievers tend to feel an abundance of confidence whenever they need it most. For many of us, however, confidence is something that we admire in others but cannot access for ourselves and having low self-confidence can be extremely limiting, affecting our ability to live the life we desire.
You’ve heard that saying “it’s all in the mind”? Well, with confidence it absolutely is – especially the unconscious mind. That’s why, through many different Mind Programming techniques we are so effective at helping clients to build confidence
Through Hypnotherapy, EFT and Coaching you will immediately become more confident, but you’ll also learn a powerful set of techniques to help you boost your confidence at will, as and when you need to, just like turning up the volume on your stereo!
So if you’re interested in building confidence, call Hypnotherapy Manchester on 01625 419755.
Confidence and performance
Mind Programming technique 1
Sit down and think of a time when you felt fantastic. Excited. Euphoric and delighted. To help you get into this state, ask yourself a leading question like ‘how good did it feel when you won XYZ?’
You should be feeling a warm tingly glow that starts in your abdomen and rises up to your face and brain.
Now we link that peak state to doing something useful like delivering that presentation next week.
This technique will need to be repeated several  times to link the two sensations
Mind Programming technique 2
Try this technique for breaking bad habits, often a reason for lack of confidence – link something that slightly precedes doing the bad habit to a state of intense pleasure. Actually doing the bad habit then will both detract from your pleasurable state AND be less enjoyable than not doing it.
If you want to be more precise with using this tactic for faster goal accomplishment, pick a target goal, something precise that you want. Now on a scale of 1-10 rank how pleasurable feeling you think doing this goal will be. Make a note of this number.
Now repeat the above exercise with the goal in mind and track how high you can push the number. When it passes about an 8/10 you’ll find that it starts to become easy, exciting and a lot more fun to pursue. If the ‘fun factor’ is less than 5/6 you will make progress but it will FEEL like hard work, because as far as your brain is concerned it’s simply not that enjoyable a task! If it’s under 3-4 you’ll probably make no significant progress ever.
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