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Stress and Anxiety

I went to see Karen because I was suffering with issues such as social anxiety, bereavement, guilt and negative feelings about life.
We have worked together, using various techniques such as hypnotherapy, mindfulness techniques and counselling. She is supportive, genuinely cares about your progress and does not judge you. She gives you the tools to take with you in your life, particularly through her hypnotherapy sessions that you can listen to at home.
She gives you ways to make permanent changes in your life, as well as offering a kind and calm presence. Karen has changed the way I live my life on a day-to-day basis, and for the long term, and I now have the tools to move forward with a positive, aware, mindful and calm approach to life.
Meghan F – Stockport
My GP suggested I look into hypnotherapy. I was sceptical and apprehensive as I had not known anyone who had tried this or who to consider. I was very fortunate that Karen lives in my area and I found her web site very informative. She obviously has a lot of experience in this field so  I decided to give it a go.
I have been so delighted with our sessions. She has trained me in EFT so I can compete this on my own when needed and she had provided me copies of our hypnotherapy sessions for my phone so I can listen to them now and in future. These sessions are tailored to suit your own needs.
I have benefitted greatly from the course of sessions and would recommend Karen not only for her skills in her profession but her friendly and empathetic manner which makes sessions so positive.
Thank you so much Karen. A new me is emerging with so much more confidence and looking forward to the future!!
Your sessions have made a big difference to my recovery and given me a more positive outlook on life going forward. I have coping strategies that I can use on this new journey.
Anne of Wilmslow

Panic Attacks

Hi Karen,
Just to say thank you so so much for all your incredible help over the past few weeks as my panic attacks had been getting worse and more frequent. I’ve got to admit that I didn’t quite believe it when you said that I’d be able to get them under control. What did help was that you’d experienced them yourself. I can’t tell you how reassuring that was as most people just don’t understand them or how awful they feel.
I’m so grateful for your time, understanding and kindness. I’ve learnt so much and really feel confident that if they ever did surface again I know how to deal with them. The EFT you’ve taught me had been really useful and I’ll continue to use it.
Thanks too for getting me into a meditation practice as I’m sure this will continue to help me in lots of ways going forward, you really are inspirational. I’m now trying to find other ‘issues’ to come back and work on as I really miss our sessions! Haha!
Lots of love,
Maddie L

Smoking Testimonials

I’ve tried to stop smoking many times – using will power, patches, gum – but I was always smoking again within days. My mum had suggested hypnotherapy as she’d stopped with Karen 10 years ago but I was still a bit nervous of doing it.
However, after a brief chat with Karen during which I was reassured that I’d just feel nice and relaxed during the treatment and that the silly stage hypnosis was nothing like a hypnotherapy treatment, I booked my session.
I did the preparation work that Karen sent me and I was surprised to find that cigarettes were linked to so many different things in my life. At that point I seriously doubted it would work on me but I couldn’t afford to keep smoking and my wife and I were expecting our son so I really wanted to quit.
The session was as relaxing as Karen had promised, and not just the hypnotherapy. Karen is very warm, friendly and put me at ease immediately. After discussing my life as a smoker we did the hypnosis and it was just as she’d said, I don’t think I’ve ever felt so relaxed. I could hear her through it all but at the same time I was thinking lots of different thoughts. I remember asking at the end how long I’d been in hypnosis and being told it was about 45 minutes yet had felt like 10!
I left feeling great and although I had the odd thought about cigarettes another thought would override it with “no, I don’t smoke now” and I felt fine, which was weird at first. My worry was how I’d manage in social situations but it genuinely didn’t bother me at all, I felt really proud to be the one who wasn’t smoking – and I haven’t missed getting cold and wet outside either 🙂
I’d also learnt some strategies from Karen to stay strong and resilient when I felt any cravings and these were useful too.
It’s just over a year since I quit and I’ve never looked back. I’m really proud that I’m a non smoker for our sons sake and for my own health too and the extra money has been a huge help as babies are very expensive. In fact I can hardly believe I used to spend so much money on cigarettes, what a waste!
The benefits far outweigh the cost of the session or what I thought were the ‘rewards’ of smoking. I realise now that there really are non and I love being a non smoker – my wife loves it too.
I’d recommend hypnotherapy and in particularly Karen to anyone. She was very experienced and knowledgeable and I believe that really helped with my success too.
I’ve passed Karen’s details on to lots of people since and they’ve all had positive experiences regardless of what treatment they’ve gone to Karen for.
Thanks Karen, I’ll continue to recommend you.
Mark Harris
As a smoker for 35 years I thought it would be impossible to stop but I’ve got some health problems and my GP was constantly suggesting I quit. I hadn’t really wanted to as I was convinced I enjoyed them but after a really bad cold and cough I decided I’d smoked enough.
I found Karen online but when I told my neighbour I was going for hypnotherapy she told me she’d had hypnotherapy too for Insomnia and also with Karen. She reassured me that there was nothing to worry about and that I’d enjoy it, which I did. Karen offered 2 different packages but suggested the 2 hour session with a topup one included if I needed it so I went for this option and never looked back. Karen is very professional and calming, it’s clear she has a real passion for her work. I went in as a smoker and left as a non smoker. She had recorded the session for me which I listened to at night as it really helps me relax but I’m not sure I actually needed to as I genuinely haven’t really craved cigs at all. I can’t believe how easy it was after 35 years smoking every day.
I’m now back with Karen after 4 months smoke free to use hypnotherapy for my IBS which has already made a big difference. I can’t thank Karen enough, her skills really are life changing!
Heather Radcliffe – Cheshire


After lots of stressful changes in my life I had developed an embarrassing habit that I couldn’t seem to stop. My GP had sent me for CBT but it didn’t help and I now had a huge bald patch on one side of my head. A friend recommended Karen as she’d helped her through a stressful period during her divorce. After a chat on the phone I decided to try it. I’m so glad I did, Karen is lovely, very calm and gave me lots of confidence that I could stop this habit. I loved doing the sessions as no matter how stressed I was I always left feeling very calm and I loved using the recordings she made for me as they help me calm down and sleep.
I noticed a difference after the very first session and at the fourth session I proudly showed Karen the new hair growth. Other things have happened that have been stressful but I’ve continued to listen to the recordings on my phone and my hair is growing well. I feel much more relaxed and confident so the hypnotherapy has helped me in lots of other ways.
Helena R Didsbury

Confidence and Self Esteem

Karen is brilliant at what she does and I can’t thank her enough. After an awful relationship ended my confidence was on the floor but after just a few sessions with Karen using a combination of EFT, CBT and hypnotherapy I feel I’m back to an even better version of me. I’m still using the recordings and my sleep has improved massively. I wasn’t expecting all this as I’d been quite sceptical about these treatments in the past but had been feeling desperate and decided to give it a go. I’d recommend it to anyone with emotional issues, I noticed it working from day one. Thanks again Karen!
Karen Roberts Stockport


I’m not sure where my fear of spiders came from but it feels like I’ve always had it. I hated them whatever the size. After searching online I went to see Karen as she’d also had a phobia so I know she’d understand how awful it is to be constantly looking out for something then go into a major panic attack when I saw one. My husband used to be great about it but I could see he was losing patience with me as it spoiled everything and I’d gone to the point where I couldn’t go into any old houses or buildings as I thought they were more likely to be there.
The hypnotherapy and EFT has been life changing! Karen said that I didn’t have to like them, I just needed to control the thoughts and panic about spiders. Even after the first session I noticed I was starting to think differently about them and it got better and better. By the last session I had seen several but had miraculously remained calm about it and got on with what I was doing. I don’t think I could pick one up but I know if one was close by I have a different reaction and the strategies in place to behave calmly.
I never thought I’d get over my spider fear so I’m hugely grateful to Karen. I’ve since sent my sister and a colleague to Karen and they’ve both been very pleased with their results.
Gemma G Altrincham

Flying Phobias

After a terrifying flight when the turbulence was so bad the overhead lockers were opening and passenger luggage was falling out I developed a fear of flying. I’d enjoyed it before this and have to travel globally for work now and again so I had to address it.
A colleague who’d already worked with Karen for fear of flying gave me her number. I was a bit nervous but she quickly put me at ease. I did four sessions and I’m pleased to say that I’m so much better. I still listen (during a flight) to the recordings she made me as they help me relax and sleep (which I’d never previously been able to do on a flight) but the fear has definitely gone so I’m hugely grateful for her techniques and skills. I’d really enjoyed the sessions and was sorry they’d ended as I’d learnt some valuable things that have helped me in other ways too.
Hypnosis isn’t what I’d previously thought it was and I’m just surprised more people don’t use it as it’s both enjoyable and effective.
Phil D Cheshire
Hey Karen!
I would like to thank you immensely as 2 weeks ago I took my first flight in over a year. I only went to the Isle of Man and back but I was truly amazed at the lack of anxiety never mind panick attack! I was so excited to tell everyone I honestly couldn’t quite believe it.
I had been religiously using your tools and hypno audios beforehand.
In 2 weeks time I have a 3 hour flight to Italy that was my original goal, where I fly with my partner, his children and entire family…

Infertility/ IVF

Hi Karen,
Look what we’ve got……..!
Isn’t she a beaut?! Imogen Audrey born 02/01/2019 at 12:13pm weighing 8lb 11oz.
I’m still pinching myself and can’t believe she’s actually here! Finally! 5 years and 4 rounds of IVF later!
Anyway, the pregnancy was fairly straightforward although I developed gestational diabetes and Imogen was measuring very big so I finally gave in to having a c-section having given her as long as I felt I could to come on her own.
We’re over the moon.
Thank you so much for everything you did for me. I have no doubt that the hypnotherapy helped change my entire mindset towards the IVF process and helped my body get to grips with getting her and keeping her safe. I will be forever grateful.
Tons of love.
I’m so grateful to have been recommended to you Karen. I’m sure that without you and hypnotherapy our beautiful boy wouldn’t be here.
As you know, after 6 rounds of IVF we’d almost given up and had only enough funds for one more treatment. I remember being terrified, not just that it would fail again and I’d never be pregnant, but also about going through the whole IVF process yet again.
Working with you changed all that. John noticed straight away that I was feeling more relaxed about the whole thing and It sounds weird to other people but I felt something change inside and I started to have more confidence in the process whilst at the same time I didn’t feel so desperate about what would happen if we/it failed again. Even writing this I feel emotional thinking about the IVF journey and then finding out not only was I pregnant but he was still living and growing inside me as the months went on.
The final ‘icing on the cake’ was the hypnobirthing sessions we did as these really helped me enjoy the whole birthing experience. After all we’d been through I wanted to feel in control of this. It was amazing!! Frederick James is the most beautiful gift to us and we’re so grateful for all your expertise, understanding and help.
I’m so pleased to share that we’ve just found out that I’m pregnant again!!! And naturally this time…incredible! I’ll definitely be using my hypnobirthing recordings and techniques for this coming baby too. Two years ago I’d never believed this was possible. Huge thanks Karen, you helped change our lives!!
S and J Abbotts